About The AEYL

Nurturing, empowering, and amplifying the voices of emerging education evidence leaders across Africa

The AEYL was launched at Evidence2023, in Entebbe, Uganda. View highlights from the gallery below!

The Africa Evidence Youth League (AEYL) brings together 45 education evidence leaders from 15 countries on the African continent. The AEYL leaders bring diverse expertise and backgrounds to the league. We are all united in our shared commitment to fostering reform and development in Africa through the use of evidence.

Our Youth League Members

1-Elise Hirwa Resize

Elise Hirwa


Research interests: One Health, Climate change, youth employment and sustainable development

Firmaye Bogale


Research interests: Knowledge Translation, Evidence-informed decision-making and public health
3-Ashely Mamvocha Resize

Ashely Mamvocha


Research interests: Knowledge management for collaboration, learning and accountability Evidence based advocacy

Elias Phiri


Research interests: Decision Analytical Modelling, Health Security, Health Governance, Communication of complex science and Economic Evaluation

5-Joel Otieno Resize

Joel Otieno


Research interests: Youth and Development – Policy Research toward Evidence Informed Decision Making (EIDM)

6-Andile Madonsela Resize

Andile Madonsela

South Africa

Research interests: EIDM, gender and inclusion

7-Soumaila zabeirou Samsiya Resize

Soumaila Z Samsiya


Research interests: To enable me to be useful for my country and the environment in which I live

8-Woulamé OUDJIM Resize

Woulamé Oudjim


Research interests: Human capital issues (education and health) and gender equality.

9-Ochanya Okoh Resize

Ochanya Okoh


Research interests: Evidence based policy, Healthcare Financing, Rural Economy and Education policy

10-Mary Anne Aluoch Resize

Mary Anne Aluoch


Research interests: Education

11-Remadji Daningar Resize

Remadji Daningar


Research interests: 

Joy Banda


Research interests: Monitoring and Evaluation, Education, Gender, Philanthropy, Social investment

Luvuyo Jalisa

South Africa

Research interests: Water Resources Management, Water Services, Climate Change, Basic Services, Governance, Decision-making processes

Catherine Koranchie


Research interests: Social Entrepreneurship and Youth employment

Peter Babyenda


Research interests: Youth Employment and youth labour productivity

Victor Onyango


Research interests: Youth development, gender dynamics and climate change

17-Gloria Anderson Resize

Gloria Anderson


Research interests: Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Scovia Adrupio


Research interests: Vocational Education and Training; Agriculture, women in agriculture and food systems; education and development.

19-Benson Ndeca Lenairerei Resize

Benson N Lenairerei


Research interests: Localisation in Africa and  youth voice space in society

20-Franklin Namanya Resize

Franklin Namanya


Research interests: Social impacts

21-Ibrahim Bahati Resize

Ibrahim Bahati


Research interests: Gender, Masculinities and Conflict, Youth Livelihoods, Food Security and Mental Health.

22-Bogne Penka Marthe Resize

Bogne Penka M


Research interests: Evidence generation/synthesis/ knowledge Brokering, especially in french to facilitate access and use of research evidence by policy makers, practitioners and the general public in francophone africa

23-Lucy Enangha Abeng Resize

Lucy E Abeng


Research interests: Development and behavioural economics

24-Abdimalik Ibrahim Farah Resize

Abdimalik I Farah


Research interests: Education for Minorities and Marginalised Groups, SDG4 Quality Inclusive and Equitable Education, Teacher Education

Anne A Okello


Research interests: Gender (including women’s education), Participation, Governance

26-Rosebella Atieno Apollo Resize

Rosebella A Apollo


Research interests: Research and Evidence Uptake, Communication

27-Mamadou Abdoulaye Diallo Resize

Mamadou A Diallo


Research interests: Development Economics; Quantitative research methods applied to economics, migration, health, and education. The design of data collection tools and public policy impact assessments

Anita D Owiti


Research interests: Green Skills and Climate

29-Theodora Koomson Resize

Theodora Koomson


Research interests: Tax, corruption

30-Wutor Mahama Resize

Wutor Mahama


Research interests: Gender and Social Inclusion

31-Talitha Mpando Resize

Talitha Mpando


Research interests: Global Health and social determinants of health

32-Bruce Lesiba Chidi Resize

Bruce L Chidi

South Africa

Research interests: Education, Monitoring and Evaluation

33-Mamadou Cherif Diallo Resize

Mamadou C Diallo


Research interests: Economic and Political Governance, Education, Social Protection, Reproductive Health and Development, Data collection and impact assessment of public policies

34-Aniitah kyamugabwa Resize

Aniitah kyamugabwa


Research interests: Qualitative and quantitative methodologies, proposal writing and data analysis

35-Rachael Makokha Resize

Rachael Makokha


Research interests: 

36-Sharon Rabecca Wanyama Resize

Sharon R Wanyama


Research interests: Youth unemployment, Skills Development, linking education, skills development and employment policies and programs, job search and Labour migration.

37-Muhumuza Norman Resize

Muhumuza Norman


Research interests:

38-Elizabeth Onyango Resize

Elizabeth Onyango


Research interests: 

39-Anyuru Ivy Achom Resize

Anyuru I Achom


Research interests: M&E, Education, research and youth empowerment

Sabelo Mpisi

South Africa

Research interests: Youth livelihoods, world of work, post-university transitions, rural youth livelihoods, food security, land policy reforms

41-Theresa Ayerigah Resize

Theresa Ayerigah


Research interests: Fashion, gender justice, regional integration, livelihoods, and economic diplomacy

42-James Tayali Resize

James Tayali


Research interests:

43-Zimingonaphakade Sigenu Resize

Zimingonaphakade Sigenu

South Africa

Research interests: African knowledge systems, education transformation, agriculture and rural development

44-Lesedi Matlala Resize

Lesedi Matlala

South Africa

Research interests: Evaluation, User Experience, Public Policy, Evidence based decision making)

The Future of Evidence-Informed Decision Making

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