AEYL Activities

Nurturing, empowering, and amplifying the voices of emerging education evidence leaders across Africa

The AEYL Launch Event

We officially introduced AEYL with the launch event, a platform where AEYL leaders could connect, forge a shared vision, and collaboratively develop the AEYL manifesto, setting the stage for our journey.

AEYL Launch Event
AEYL Launch Event

The AEYL Manifesto

The AEYL manifesto serves as a public declaration of our beliefs, values, and intentions, anchoring our commitment to EIDM and positive transformation in Africa.

AEYL Online Platform

The AEYL Platform is where the spirit of innovation meets the power of collaboration. Here, AEYL leaders can showcase groundbreaking solutions, connect with like-minded professionals, and share knowledge that’s shaping Africa’s future. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking to network, or eager to contribute to evidence-based progress, the AEYL Platform is your go-to space.

About AEYL
AEYL Launch Event

AEYL Partnerships with High Schools and Universities

We partner with educational institutions to nurture young minds’ interest in EIDM as a profession and a career path, preparing them to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

The AEYL Halfway Report

The AEYL halfway report maps the EIDM education needs in Africa, identifying key players and stakeholders in the education evidence ecosystem.

AEYL Launch Event
AEYL Launch Event

The AEYL Mentoring Programme

Our mentorship programme enhances the evidence capacities of emerging leaders through peer-learning and EIDM mentoring, paving the way for a brighter, more informed future. Join us in our mission to reshape Africa through evidence-based solutions.

The Future of Evidence-Informed Decision Making

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